Screw/ Belt Conveyor

The Blue Wave (BW) Screw Conveyor is a shaftless conveyor and the Blue Wave (BW) Screw Compactor is a shaftless conveyor and compactor with optional washing module. A treated carbon steel shaftless screw rests on a polyethylene lined in stainless steel trough. The shaftless screw made transportation of tangle, sticky, variable particle sizes and irregular shapes are possible and efficient.


Reliability and Customizable

Screenings are fed directly onto the shaftless screw upstream. The screw pushes the screenings through the transport section and optional wash module where a flow of wash water removes organics. The trough transition into a perforated tube in the press zone to allow for dewatering. The unit can sit at inclines from 0 - 15 degrees. The transport section can be lengthened for multiple screen inputs. The unit can be supplied in length up to 20m. The drive unit optionally comes with torque limiter will protect the unit from overload and alarm is sent.



  • Shaftless screenings conveying / compacting system.

  • Robust design and easily adaptable to any screening system.

  • Reliable low-maintenance performance.

  • Easy access for maintenance.

  • Enhances transport efficiency and reduces wear.



  • Dimension: Diameter up to 320mm, Width 150mm till 600mm, Length up to 20m

  • Construction: Screw, shaftless screw, belt

  • Material: HDG mild steel, Stainless steel 304/316