Drum Screen

WILLSCREEN & PLANT are global leading manufacturer of profile wedge wire screen and filtration systems with a state of art technology and know how accumulated by lots of on shore and off shore projects experience. 

WILLSCREEN & PLANT drum screen systems is designed and engineered to keep the screens clean automatically with wash water supply while oeprating the machine without any interruption through which provides the cost and time efficiency, The filtration direction is from the inside towards the outside (FITO) and profile wire surface is positioned at the inside and support profiles are at the outside. The washwater flows in through inlet gate and it is filtered inside of drum screen while residues are excreted along the vane installed on the inside and the back shower spray operates automatically to keep clean. 



  1. Water and wastewater applications 

  2. Paper and pulp 

  3. Meat Industries 

  4. Agriculture industries

  5. Breweries