Mechanical Bar Screen


Blue wave mechanical screen are developed to suit in the toughest of applications including deep channels, high flows, combined sewers and large debris. Thus, our design engineers make use of finest quality material in the manufacturing process to offer the systems help in retaining fine and coarse solids that are found in waste water. With our unique design, Blue wave mechanical screen can ensure protection appurtenances from clogging and damage from longer time being.

Innovative design

Blue wave mechanical screen design using with latest CAD software to drafting, creating, validation and optimization of mechanical screen design. In final part of designing we apply FEA (Finite element analysis) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) methods to simulate design to ensure all our mechanical screen design in precision, error function, durable and working as intended.

Reliability and robust

Blue wave mechanical screen are validated through our digital modeling for structural rigidity, drag reduction torque optimization and balancing to create high efficiency in operation and maintenance. Ease of use and ease of maintenance is especially fundamental to plant operator for a long lasting product of life.

Cost saving

Blue wave mechanical screen were design with the idea of less hassle and simple installation to achieved minimal cost to carry works of handling, transportation and installations.



No maintenence

The endless chain on which the rakes are fitted  travels smoothly along the guide rails. As sprocket  wheel and bearings are not used in the lower part of  the frame, no maintenance of the system is  necessary even when there is much mud or sludge  under the water

No clogging of screen

Improved over conventional type of bar screen whereas an improved bar profile is used to prevent clogging. The "key hole" shape has a round cross section allows the rake finger to scrape easily between 2 bars and provide the bar screen less prone to clog

Improved durability

The rake chain, guide rail and other parts directly exposed to water are made of stainless steel for high durability

Large rake

The large rakes fitted on the endless chain will lift up the debris caught on the screen

Ease of installation

It is easy to install the screen in new and existing water/ wastewater channel. Installation without channel recesses are possible.

Simple operation

The screen can be operated automatically either with timer control or combination of timer and water level controls.


General arrangement 


1. Drive Unit


2. Take-Up Bearing


3. Wiper 


4. Discharge chute


5. Sprocket


6. Chain


7. Bar screen


8. Rake




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